You Need These Golf Cart Maintenance Service Tips – World Series Radio

on golf cart maintenance suggestions, illustrated in this video.

The owner’s manual is provided with your new cart. It’ll provide you with the steps to maintain your cart. Keep to all traffic laws. Beware of driving through steep hills or stopping and starting quickly, or turning suddenly.

Check that your batteries are adequately charged. Check regularly your battery’s water level. If your cart is running on fuel, ensure it’s shut off and the engine stays cool when you’re fueling it. Be sure not to smoke while either charging or fueling your cart. Be sure to keep it free of sparks and flames.

Cleansers should only be used with products that are specifically designed especially for use on golf vehicles. Get rid of any dirt as quickly as possible in order to avoid permanent stains. Be sure the batteries are charged , and then check the battery’s water level prior to storing the cart in an area that is protected. Make sure the tires are correct inflating.

To ensure that you do not have any issues, be sure to follow the rules for golf vehicle maintenance. Bring it in into an authorized dealer each year. For more information on maintaining the golf cart, read the owners manual.


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