The Basics of Memory Care – Boston Equator

Assisting people with dementia and people suffering from Alzheimer’s. If you know someone who is with one of them, this could be an option worth looking at. This video offers information about memory care.

Given the unique treatment required for these patients, this form of care is higher priced that assisted living. Each staff member is trained. This includes caregivers too. The training continues.

They provide similar amenities as assisted living facilities including housekeeping and food preparation. They can also be equipped to address the particular needs of patients with dementia. Certain assisted living facilities can be linked with dementia care, so that residents can move if they need the need to.

They’re typically smaller than the ones that provide assisted living. They are able to provide different types therapies like aromatherapy and pet therapy, and also activities to exercise the brain throughout all hours of the day. Memory care communities is a registered home that has personnel for care, and it has a less formal setting in comparison to conventional facilities.

Find the appropriate service for you, your family member or friend.


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