The Environmental Effect of Recycling Steel – Akron Manufacturing News

The truth is steel is still an enormous cause of pollution. This Youtube video explains exactly what happens in a salvage firm using steel and how it’s an issue. Learn more about what you can do to assist.

Did you know steel gets recycled more often than plastic, glass, and copper? In this process, steel needs to be demolished and reused for several purposes. But the issue is that it remains a significant contributor to pollution around the world. This poses a challenge for most people as it is recyclable. The majority of new steel is made from recycled substances.

Tons of steel from scraps from old cars, fridges and bed springs. They are then recycled by companies such as the Australian one in the film. The melting process of these items is more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use as many resources as the process of making new steel does. But, less than a third the steel that’s made each year comes out of scraps. It is the remainder that is extracted from iron ore.

To learn more about the job of companies that salvage metals look at more of the clip.


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