Who Needs to Take an MSHA Training Course – Source and Resource

The safety regulations for mines are much more strict as compared to other areas of work. A typical office job may be safe from dangers, however working in mines could be very hazardous in the event that a person does not take extreme safety precautions. In order to ensure that miners stay safe when working it was necessary to create is the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) instruction course was designed.

An MSHA training course is mandatory for any person who believes themselves to be the term used to describe a miner. As a matter of MSHA training, a “miner” refers to any supervisor or operator at a mine site who participates in mining-related activities. It also covers the independent mining contractors as well as their employees as well being construction workers that work for a long period of their time at an underground mine. You do not need to attend an MSHA education course if you work as a scientist, delivery employee, customer vendor, driver of a truck, or a visitor to an underground mine.

If you are miner under the above definition the most important thing is to undergo MSHA training. If you don’t have the proper training it is possible to run into an extremely high risk of being injured or even death on a mine site.


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